Why do Chiropractors keep chasing

the same 8-10% of the population?

Go to where the 90% are! (The Medical Offices)

Flood your practice with Medical referrals using the step-by-step process I have used to average 25-30 new patients monthly totalling over 2400 referrals from MDs over the past 15 years.

Investing 3 – 4 hours of your time and watching this video will…

* Explain in detail how the Patient Centered Medical Home moel is the best opportunity EVER for you to receive referrals from MDs!

* Explain in detail how the “Medical Home” (The PCP Groups) will evolve into “Accountable Care Organizations”

* Explain in detail how the PCP Groups (The A.C.O.s) will be paid based on the outlay of costs as they manage their patient populations!

* Explain in detail how YOU – as a Chiropractor – are positioned to INCREASE the MDs paycheck because YOU can effectively manage SO MANY cases in a FAR MORE cost effective manner than their current standard patterns: (Orthopedics / Neurologists / Physiatrists / Pain Management / Excessive EDX)

  • Provide a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind training focusing on Positioning; Strategy; Execution; Results.
  • This arena is an “obstacle course” for sure. How to completely navigate this course will be outlined to you.
  • Teach you to position yourself in the medical algorithm so as to become their first – logical – referral choice.
  • Help you to educate the medical physicians as to which patients will obtain the best outcomes from chiropractic care and the importance of co-management to receive this desired result. Learn all their questions and all your answers!
  • Teach you how to determine your own “uniqueness,” and how to present it in a way that makes you “head and shoulders” above everyone else.
  • Teach you in a uniqe way instead of being repackaged, rehashed, outdated, practice management “mantra”
  • Provide you the professional flow charts (used multiple ways) to MAKE IT REAL to them.
  • Instill confidence that you now have a methodical plan, that if followed, will transform countless lives currently not exposed to chiropractic care… and your practice!

The return of investment of your time and money for this webinar will be priceless. The cost of attending this online seminar is $475.00 and you will be investing 3-4 hours of your time depending upon the pace you want to go.

Preview the Seminar below

Right now, you must position yourself for the huge opportunity the upcoming

“Patient Centered Medical Home” model can bring for you!

Advance the profession! ADVANCE YOUR PRACTICE!

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or call Dr. Schmitt directly: 704-443-2902